Gaetano Pesce Unframed” is the third exhibition at Galerie56, a platform conceived to celebrate the intersection of art, architecture and design. The exhibition showcases 60 of Gaetano Pesce’s unseen drawings, as well as a curated selection of the artist’s resin objects and furniture pieces. All of Pesce’s works are displayed ‘Unframed’; the majority of which are mounted on walls and columns with clear plastic and black tape. The gesture is a nod to the commonplace materials — paper, cardboard, mylar — that the drawings are crafted with.

The exhibition is a celebration of Gaetano Pesce’s boundless imagination and skills. A common motif of humanoid features instills a childlike sense of creativity in the artist’s drawings and realized architectural works. One of the greatest conceptualists of our time, Gaetano Pesce is one of the most important living figures in architecture and design today. His concept of the world and sense of materiality is uniquely characterized by a profound sense of humor. We are honored to showcase his drawings that exemplify the thought behind some of his most significant projects.


Available works